At Engle & Associates, we understand that you value your privacy.  That is why we will never sell, lease, or give your personal information to a third party, unless the sole purpose for sharing the information is to obtain a policy quotation.  You will not be contacted by anyone outside of Engle & Associates.  Any information you provide will be kept within the office for a minimum of thirty days.  If you become a client, we will save your information in your personal file.  If you do not accept our quote, your personal information will be destroyed after ninety days.

WE DO NOT USE COOKIES – Engle & Associates does not use cookies to track our visitors.  The only data we collect are data that our visitors voluntarily provide on our secure forms.

SECURE FORMS – The only data we collect are data that our  visitors voluntarily provide on our secure forms.  These forms are then securely transferred from our web server to our office, where they are then directed to the appropriate associate.

EMAIL – Your email address will only be used as a mode of contact between Engle & Associates and you.  We will never supply your email address to anyone outside of Engle & Associates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us or call (805) 781-6336.